What Are The Benefits Of A Home Standby Generator?

A home standby generator offers many benefits, including 

(1) peace of mind.  When a storm is imminent or the power grid is unreliable, a home standby generator ensures that you will have power when you need it. 

(2) automatic operation.  A home standby generator works automatically, sensing power disruptions and turning on and off independently in the event of a power outage.  If you are away on vacation, for example, a home standby generator can ensure that your pipes don’t freeze or your sump pump has power. 

(3) a complete solution.  A home standby generator can power all the appliances your family is accustomed to using, including critical hard-wired systems like air conditioning, heat, sump pumps, well pumps, security systems and large appliances. 

(4) a long-term solution.  As opposed to an electric solution that will only work for the length of time that it can remain charged, a home standby generator can run for a long time on natural gas and liquid propane, and provides continuous protection if a power outage continues for days or weeks.

(5) a sound investment.  A home standby generator can increase the value of your home, while protecting your home from potential harms that can occur when the power goes out.

How Do Home Standby Generators Work?

A home standby generator runs on natural gas or propane. It is permanently installed outside your house, just like a central air conditioning unit. A home standby generator uses an automatic transfer switch, which continuously monitors the power supply from the utility. If the switch detects a power outage, it cuts off the home’s electrical system from the grid, and the generator starts automatically and provides electricity to your home. When the switch senses resumption of utility power, the process reverses, your home is reconnected to the grid, and the generator automatically shuts down.  A standby generator powers on to test itself once per week, for approximately 30 minutes.

Which Home Standby Generators Does NHGI Carry?

NHGI is an authorized dealer of Kohler, Generac, and Briggs & Stratton, industry leaders in home standby generators. Our longstanding relationships with these manufacturers and our ability to sell, service, install and monitor any of their generators allows us to provide you with the best pricing at the best time on the most appropriate product for your home.  

What Size Home Standby Generator Is Right For Me?

It depends on factors including your peak electricity usage, your future expectations regarding electricity usage, how often you experience power outages, how long they last, and what your goals are when the power goes out.  For example, if your utility bill indicates that your peak usage is 19kW, you experience power outages from time to time, and it is important to you that all of your appliances function during an outage just as they do when the power is on, this suggests that you need a home standby generator that can provide 20kW of power.  Our team will discuss these factors with you during their site visit, help you select the right size generator home, and incorporate it into your customized proposal.

What Is Involved In The Installation Process?

A home standby generator installation is a multi-step process that includes an initial site visit, selection and ordering of the appropriate home standby generator, any applicable permitting, site preparation including trenching for gas connection and setting of the generator pad, delivery and placement of the generator, natural gas or propane connection, electrical wiring and connection of generator and automatic transfer switch, and generator startup to validate the manufacturer’s warranty. 

NHGI will handle all aspects of this process for you from start-to-finish.  We will work with you to make sure that installation of your home standby generator is as easy and smooth as possible.

What Maintenance Is Needed For A Home Standby Generator?

A home standby generator contains a small engine that burns fuel (gas or propane) to generate electricity.  Like any engine, such as the one in your car, a home standby generator  requires periodic maintenance to keep it running smoothly.  NGHI offers an annual preventative maintenance program designed with this in mind.  If you make or have made the substantial investment to install a home standby generator, we strongly recommend that you maintain it properly.

What Is Included With A Standby Home Generator Purchased From NHGI?

NHGI’s price for installation of a home standby generator includes everything you need to operate your generator properly.  This includes the generator, generator pad and frame, automatic transfer switch, any load modifying components, batter, oil, coolant, permitting and startup to validate the manufacturer’s warranty. 

Is A Standby Generator A Good Investment?

Yes.  In addition to the peace of mind that comes from knowing your power will be there when you need it, a home standby generator may increase the value of your home and can save you money by protecting you from costs that can result from power outages, such as frozen pipes or flooding caused by non-powered sump pumps.  Many home builders are incorporating home standby generators into new construction and developments, and many home buyers view a home standby generator as an asset for a prospective home.

What If I Already Have A Home Standby Generator, But It Needs To Be Serviced Or Replaced?

NHGI can help.  We service all types of home standby generators, including discontinued models from manufacturers such as General Electric.  We can keep your generator working or consult with you about upgrading to a newer model.  If you replace your generator with a new one from NGHI, we will remove and dispose of your old one.

How Long Will It Be Before My Home Standby Generator Is Installed?

Generator installation itself is typically a one-day project.  However, due to high demand there is currently a substantial backlog in obtaining generators, and a waitlist for installation.  At your site visit, we can provide you with specifics about the likely timing between placing your order and installation of your home standby generator.