Home standby generators require routine maintenance, similar to an oil change on your car. Our preventative  maintenance plan will help keep your home standby generator in peak condition, ensuring that when the power goes out your home standby generator will be ready.  We offer:

  • Fast, reliable service
  • Professional, certified service technicians
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Our preventative maintenance program includes an annual inspection and service of the following critical components of your generator:

  • Electrical system (control & power, wiring, safety and alarms, cabinets, and platforms)
  • Alternator (voltage, frequency, condition) 
  • Battery (charge, connection, terminals, and position) 
  • Engine (spark plugs, air filters, mounting bolts, alternator bolts, governor linkage)
  • Lubrication (oil filter, oil and oil levels, crankcase breather) 
  • Cooling (air obstruction check) 
  • Fuel system (piping, flexible lines) 
  • Exhaust (muffler & support, exhaust)
  • Transfer Switch (connections, relays, contacts) 
  • Entire system (compartment, unit exercise, simulated outage (if necessary / authorized)

A home standby generator represents a substantial investment in your home and should be cared for properly. Routine preventative maintenance has the potential to add years to the service life of your generator and save on repairs in the future.  We strongly recommend regular preventative maintenance of your home standby generator.


If your generator is not operational, or shows an error message, or you are uncertain whether it will perform in the event of power outage, NHGI can help. Our team of expert technicians perform preventative maintenance and repair services on all brands of home standby generators, including Kohler, Generac, Briggs & Stratton, and General Electric.

Call us at 603-856-7301 for generator service or fill out our Contact Us Form to describe your issue. We will respond to you promptly and make a plan to get your generator up and running as quickly as possible. In most cases, our technicians can come to your location, diagnose the issue, and either repair the generator using the parts in our fully stocked vans or order the parts you need from our trusted suppliers.

If you have already invested in a home standby generator (or purchased a home with a home standby generator), we recommend that you make sure it works, so that you have the reliable power and peace of mind that you paid for.  Call us at 603-856-7301 today.

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